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Marketing Plan for Hotel - 12276 Words

Marketing Plan for the April 2010 Executive Summary Contents: Executive Summary 2 1.0 Corporate objectives and strategy 5 2.0 Marketing audit 5 2.1 External Analysis – PESTLIED 5 2.2 Industrial and Market Analysis 7 2.3 Competitive Analysis 9 2.3.1 Direct competition 9 2.3.2 Indirect Competition 9 2.3.3 Critical Success Factors 9 2.4 Customer Analysis 10 2.4.1 Grey Market Customers 10 2.4.2 The business related travel. 11 2.4.3 The youth market (16-25). 11 2.4.4 The youth market (26-35). 11 2.5 Market Audit Conclusion – SWOT Analysis 12 3.0 Assumptions 13 4.0 OBJECTIVES 14 4.1 Strategic Objectives 14 4.2 Financial Objectives 14 4.3 Marketing Objectives 14 5.0†¦show more content†¦It is estimated that between 2006 and 2011, the economic outlook for the French Hotel Industry appears positive to steadily grow by an average of 3.5%. Apart from topping the general tourism industry, France also tops the Business travel market. The preceding 5 years, have seen a substantial decrease of 18.5% but the overall attractiveness of this market remains strong as it attracts 12.6 million such business travellers in the past year. The Languedoc-Rousisillon region receives 8.8% of the 1.5 billion overnight stays in France. It is further expected that culture and nature-based tourism within this region will bring a further 1 – 1.5 million tourists next year. 2.1.3 Social The French Tourism market is highly dependant on its local travellers which make up 55.5% of this market. This market is expected to grow further owing to the reduced 35-hour working week thus allowing people with more free time for more frequent short holidays. Added to this, older people are travelling more frequently owing to an improved and cheaper travelling infrastructure. Recent trends show tourists seem to be opting for independent hotels over chain hotels, which is a competitive advantage that ought to be exploited. Further to this, a 2005 survey has shown that the most popular reasons for leisure travel are related to Health/Spa, Sea and gastronomy. 2.1.4 Technology Hotel on-line bookings have increased owing to improvedShow MoreRelatedStrategic Marketing Plan for a Hotel16235 Words   |  65 PagesMaarit Karppinen STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN FOR A HOTEL Hotel and Restaurant Business 2011 2 VAASA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Degree Programme of Hospitality Management ABSTRACT Author Title Year Language Pages Name of Supervisor Maarit Karppinen Strategic Marketing Plan for a Hotel 2011 English 59 + 2 Appendices Peter Smeds The aim of this thesis was to form a strategic marketing plan for Hotel X, a small privately owned hotel in Helsinki. The theoretical part of this thesisRead MoreMarketing Plan Of Hilton Hotels Resorts3078 Words   |  13 Pages Marketing Plan of Hilton Hotels Resorts in China [æâ€"‡æ ¡ £Ã¥â€° ¯Ã¦  â€¡Ã© ¢Ëœ] [ä ½Å"者å §â€œÃ¥  ] â€Æ' Executive Summary This report seeks to devise a marketing plan for the implementation of the marketing strategy of the Hilton Hotels Resorts in China. In particular, this report analyzes the external environmental factors facing Hilton Hotels Resorts in China using PESTL analysis, as well as a market analysis for the hotel and resorts industry and the competitors of Hilton Hotels Resorts in China in terms of brand awarenessRead MoreRosewood Hotels Marketing Plan Essay1450 Words   |  6 PagesMARKETING PLAN OBJECTIVE The main objective was to foster customer retention and loyalty increasing cross-property usage. The number of multi-property guest stays should be increased to 10% from the 5% rate experienced during the last year. MARKETING SITUATION Problem situation: Rosewood brand was muted, not very well known butRead MoreMarketing Plan Four Seasons Hotel5523 Words   |  23 PagesSeasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Lausanne 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Market and Situation Analysis 4 Market Size 4 Market Growth 5 Market Segments 5 Current Offerings Competition Analysis 6 3. External Environment Analysis - Macroenvironment 8 Political Factors 8 Economic Factors 8 Social Factors 8 Technology Factors 9 Environment Factors 9 Legal Factors 9 4. Internal Environment Analysis - Microenvironment 11 The Company 11 Suppliers 11 Marketing IntermediariesRead MoreMarketing Plan for Crown Plaza Hotels Resorts2043 Words   |  9 PagesExecutive Summary Competition among hotel and hospitality business has increased enormously as customers are getting more educated and fashionable. They’ve been demanding more luxurious services and products which urge organisations to focus on better marketing and strategic planning. Hotels and firms now believe that personal and strong relationships with potential customers is key to competitive advantage in today’s competitive business environment. The idea of developing and upholding the relationshipRead MoreStrategic Marketing Plan- Hpl, Four Seasons Hotel8242 Words   |  33 Pagesvisitors to Singapore on average per year (Hotel Industry Background, 2010). A calculation made on the projected number of hotel beds in year 2000 showed that the country could accommodate up to 16 million visitors. Singapore has been a priority location for hotel conglomerates to set up headquarters to develop new products and concepts for Asian markets.The nation is well-equipped to assist expansion and grooming Hospitality and Tourism talents for the region. Hotel guests have raised expectations by lookingRead MoreMarketing Strategy of Jupiters Gold Coast Hotel828 Words   |  3 PagesJupiters Gold Coast Hotel Marketing Strategy Introduction Jupiters Gold Coast Hotel offers not only a large-scale casino the only one in the area but also a variety of entertainment and dining options in addition to its luxury hotel amenities and its oceanfront views and beach access (Jupiters Hotel Casino, 2012). This gives the hotel and casino a great deal of attract to guests and ought to result in a high occupancy rate and a high proportion of market share compared to its chief rivals inRead MoreMarketing Plan At Coca Cola Company Essay1575 Words   |  7 Pagessupply chain involves working closely with marketing department within the business so that they align their strategic plans with supply chain capabilities. At Coca Cola local operations teams put out marketing plans from the marketing department into practice in each of the business units so they gather valuable knowledge about the regions in which they operate to make sure that the brands plans are fit for purpose. At Coca Cola Company, the marketing department along with the sales department worksRead MoreMarketing Strategies for Travelodge Essay1474 Words   |  6 PagesExamining existing marketing strategies and tactics of Travelodge Existing marketing strategies: â€Å"Marketing strategies can have a broad impact on the business in terms of instilling a marketing orientation among all those in the firm: the way of thinking or philosophy of the whole organization. However, marketing strategies can alternatively be seen as dealing only with the development of competitive advantages directly associated with the marketing function such as customer loyalty and distributionRead MoreImplement Plan for Eagle’s Nest Hotel Inc Essay1552 Words   |  7 PagesImplement plan for Eagle’s Nest Hotel Inc Human Resource Department [pic] Name: Xiong Words: 1507 Table of content: Overview....................................................................................................................................3 Impact of human resource department.......................................................................................3 Time plan..........................................

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