Saturday, February 1, 2020

ELO Reflection Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

ELO Reflection - Assignment Example Auto racing eliminates human interaction in competition and takes a certain amount of success or failure of the hands of competitors. Racers chasing the feeling of adrenaline that one gets only in a race car as they come close to replicating any medication or other human experience. This feeling is addictive and consume. All you think about is running, and if you are not on the track, everything you think you want to go to the race next time. The drivers love their racing cars and love to go fast more than anything else. And once you master a particular form of the race, you want to go even faster. But the faster you go, the more dangerous it can be. You know as the driver how the race can be dangerous? Absolutely. Family members know that it is dangerous? Yes, they do. They know that all can be lost on the track, their families, their jobs and their way of life, if something goes wrong? Of course they do. Every veteran racer has been in a serious accident. It is often the first serious accident that causes the rotor to reassess the situation. Not everyone comes back from this first serious accident, and it is com mon to see riders leave the drivers seat on total because of the insistence of family and friends. I got an opportunity to be a part of the thrill. I remember walking to the rear of the pit garages eventually three-quarters of the way through the race and triggered a latecomer mechanic. I asked him what it was like running with the circus sports, traveling the world in a race to the next. When I went, it was the last year of the (relatively small) V8, and as shelled cars in curves and deep breakthrough, deep in the ears is something that you do not much of what cars and fans are doing as much fun as the race itself is not possible to follow in person. Wind cars tearing eyes, your face pecks rubber patches, and the

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